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Registered: 27/11/09
Posts: 11

I would like to make large fonts to be used with µOLED-32028-P1T. I need only the digits, 0...9.

Now I´m using font 3 enlarged by 4. That works ok but I would prefer to have the characters a bit smoother.
There are a number of difficult ways to do this, like doing it from scratch in the DISP program.

Are there any easy way?
Like getting a font 3x4 to modify in DISP or some easy way to cut out the digits from Windows fonts in FontTool (just the digits, not all the empty space above/below)?

Maybe there already exists som additional fonts for µOLED?
If not maybe we should have some place to share such things?

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Registered: 27/01/09
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Using font tool:-
  1. Select the font you want, you may want to try a few to see which gives the best results.
  2. Click on '0'
  3. Enlarge '0' until it us the size you want (by adjusting the 'height')
  4. Move the '0' until it is in the top left corner using the arrow buttons
  5. Click replace
  6. Note the actual width and height of the '0'
  7. Repeat for 1-9 positioning according to 6
  8. Click export
  9. Make 'first character' 48, 'number characters' 10, width and height as per 6
  10. Select a filename to export to and click ok
  11. Import the font into DISP, you can also edit the subsetted font there.
If you want to share you can always zip them up and attach them to a post in this forum.


Registered: 27/11/09
Posts: 11
That works beautifully
Thank you!

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